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Three Important Services Offered By Occupational Health Services Screening

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As a business owner, it's very important to have a connection with a health care clinic that functions as an occupational health screening service. These facilities are vital in ensuring that the employees that you are hiring are going to be able to perform optimally. In many cases, a company will want to require employees to submit to drug testing as long as it's legally required by state law. This is crucial when hiring medical personnel, CDL truck drivers, and other heavy machinery operators.

It's also important to make sure that employees are physically fit so that they do not prove a liability to themselves or others. The best way to accomplish this is to have employees sent to a pre-employment occupational health screening center where a doctor can administer tests.

Below are three of the important services that can be performed at these centers.

Service Number 1: Complete Drug Screening

Depending on the role which the person is going to be hired for, it's important to have the individual consent to and take a drug test. There are many types of drug screening, with the most common being a multi-panel urine test. These tests can look for biomarkers that indicate excessive drug usage. The prospective employee can show up, take the test, and then have the lab results sent over once complete.

Service Number 2: Occupational Health Related Physical

Many jobs require people to stand for hours on their feet without sitting down. Or the jobs require that the person be able to lift enormous amounts of weight. Employers who are hiring for strenuous labor roles might want to make sure that the person has no physical ailments which prevent them from performing the task at hand. This is easily done by sending the person to a pre-employment screening and then having the attending doctor give them a cleared for work release form.

Service Number 3: Pre-Employment Vaccinations and Testing

Many employers such as hospitals and schools require employees to have a full array of vaccinations or proof of vaccinations. These include MMR vaccines as well as tests such as the PPD test which determines if the individual has TB.

If the person needs to have vaccines, then they can often obtain these at the testing facility. If they have already had the vaccines given to them, then the attending physician can run bloodwork to test for titers (which indicate that the person has had vaccines in the past). 

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