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Tips For Taking Your Todder To The Pediatrician

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If you have to take your toddler to the pediatric doctor, then you want to make sure you take steps to make the visit go as smoothly as possible. Toddlers can be a real handful, and this can leave you feeling worn out and on your last nerve by the time you even get called back to a room. Then, once you are in a room, things can get even worse since there is generally even less for your little one to do there. The tips in this article will help you to keep your little one entertained and happy so you will be happy as well.

Bring a snack pack

One of the best things you can do when you are taking your toddler in to see the pediatrician is to pack a snack pack to bring with you. Fill it full of healthy snacks that don't contain a lot of sugar. Giving them snacks that contain a good amount of sugar will only end up giving them more energy at a time when you are hoping to keep them calmed down. Some good snacks would be apple slices, crackers, yogurt, string cheese, or carrot sticks. You should also bring a bottle of water for them.

Bring a portable DVD player and their favorite movie

If your little one has a favorite movie that always tends to keep them entertained, then you may want to pack their DVD player and the DVD of their favorite movie to bring with you. If you find that the toys available at the pediatrician's office aren't enough to keep them happy and settled down, then you can turn to the DVD player and put the movie on for them.

Bring their blankie with you

If your little one has a special or favorite blankie, then you should bring it with you. This way, if you find that they are getting tired while you are at the pediatrician's office, then you will have an easier time convincing them to settle down next to you while they snuggle up in their blankie.

Try to make the appointment for first thing in the morning or right after lunch

By making the appointment for these times, you can significantly cut down on the amount of time that your toddler has to wait in order for them to be seen. The faster you can get in and out of the doctor's office, the greater the chance that things will go well.