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Increasing Your Comfort Level During Infusion Treatments

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Finding out that you have cancer can be frightening, but advancements in modern medicine have made medications designed to treat cancer available to the public. Many of these medications are administered intravenously through a process known as infusion.

Dealing with regular infusions as you battle your cancer can be challenging, but there are some simple things that you can do to increase your comfort level throughout the process. Here are three things you can do to ease discomfort during infusions in the future.

1. Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment.

While being fashionable is something that many people enjoy, making a fashion statement isn't as important as being comfortable for the duration of your infusion treatments. Each treatment can take a significant amount of time to complete.

You will be required to remain relatively still during your treatments, since you will be hooked up to an IV. Wearing loose-fitting clothing allows you to sit or sleep comfortably without worrying about feeling restricted as you receive your cancer infusion treatments in the future.

2. Pack some snacks.

Many people think that they will become nauseous during their infusion treatments, but this isn't always the case. In fact, proper nutrition can play a critical role in determining your overall comfort levels so snacking during your infusion can be beneficial.

Pack some sugar-free candy to help you combat the dry mouth that can be a side effect of some cancer medications, and bring healthy foods like fruit or granola to your infusion appointment. Snacking will help you pass the time, and having some food in your stomach could help ease the negative side effects of your medication.

3. Stay properly hydrated.

Drinking enough water is critical when it comes to determining your comfort level during infusion treatments. When the body becomes dehydrated, veins can shrink and become difficult to stick with an IV.

If you consume a lot of water prior to your appointment, your nurse will be able to start your IV while causing minimal discomfort. Drinking a lot of water throughout your infusion treatment can also be a great way to help prevent feelings of nausea from causing your discomfort.

Going through infusion therapy can be challenging. Be sure that you are maximizing your comfort levels by wearing loose clothing, packing appropriate snacks, and drinking plenty of water as you battle your cancer diagnosis with infusion therapy treatments in the future. Contact a clinic, like Idaho Arthritis Center, for more help.