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3 Important Things To Tell Your Cardiologist

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Of all of the organs that keep you alive, your heart is often thought to be one of the most important, and that is absolutely the case. The importance of a healthy heart is why it is best to see a cardiologist if you even suspect that you have some kind of problem. Even though most people do take their cardiovascular health seriously, many keep things from their heart doctor when they go in for an assessment, whether it is out of embarrassment or something else. Your cardiologist is not there to judge you; they are there to help you make sure you have a healthy heart. Here are a few important things you should never keep from your cardiologist. 

Tell the cardiologist if you are taking any medications, vitamins, or drugs. 

Some medications, vitamins, and street drugs can have negative effects on your heart. Therefore, if you are taking anything at all, it is important that you give a full list when you are asked. No matter what it is that you may have put in your body, or how legal or illegal it may be, this is something the doctor needs to know so they can make a proper assessment of the situation. For example, cocaine can be severely hard on the heart because it raises blood pressure and quickens your heart rate, but this is something you may feel you don't want to tell the doctor. No matter what, do not leave out details about anything you have taken. 

Tell the cardiologist exactly how often you use tobacco. 

Smoking is hard on the cardiovascular system, and this is pretty much common knowledge. One of the first things a cardiologist will probably ask you is if you are a smoker, and this question will likely be followed by how much do you smoke? Patients tend to downplay their estimate of how much they smoke in a day for fear of being judged by the doctor, but remember, the doctor is there to help, so be honest.

Tell the cardiologist about all of your symptoms. 

Some patients do not tell the cardiologist the full extent of their symptoms for a few reasons. Some patients are simply scared that what they are feeling is just normal, so they fear that bringing it up makes them look like they are unintelligent or overly worried. On the other hand, some patients keep symptoms to themselves because they fear treatment. In either case, it is critical to be open and honest about every little symptom you have when it comes to your heart. 

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