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How To Help Your Child Avoid Getting Lice

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Sending your children to school can bring up a bundle of emotions. You're excited for them to have the opportunity to meet new people and start testing their wings, but you're also wary about the potential risks that can come with being around large groups of other children. The threat of lice is something that can strike fear into the heart of any caring parent because not only do you not want your child to endure the constant itching, but you also want to keep them from the stigma that can occur if other students find out your child has lice. The good news is that there are several ways to avoid lice, and if you teach the following practices to your children, they can hopefully stay lice-free.

Sharing Hats & Scarves Is A Big No-No

Hair can be a hotbed for lice. The insects love to nestle down into the soft hair strands and follicles and produce more eggs, which lead to an even greater population of lice. When a child who has lice puts on a hat or scarf, the insects can quickly hop over in the warm fibers of these items and take up residence there as well. That's why it is so vital for you to teach your children the importance of not sharing their hats or scarves with other students.

It's very normal for small children to form friendships with other little ones and try to share what they have. Maybe your child forgets their own hat and a friend casually offers to let them borrow theirs. This is a very friendly gesture, but if your child puts that hat on, they might be the next host for the lice that you're trying to keep away from your household.

Seek Schools That Have Designated Storage Spaces For Each Student

Keeping your child's belongings out of the reach of other students can also help in the fight against lice. Try to send your children to a school which has separate storage spaces for each individual student. This means that your child's comb, brush, earbuds, and other items won't have to brush up against anybody else's.

If you do everything listed above and your child still somehow contracts lice, there is nothing to fear. Get them over to an urgent care facility or clinic and talk with the medical professionals there about what you can do to get rid of the problem. Your child's school will likely contact a company like Comb It Out Lice Removal to visit the school and perform lice checks as well.