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Onsite Imaging Tests Worth The Investment

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If you are considering upgrading your medical facility, the first investment should be deciding which imaging tests you can provide. With advances in imaging tests, more tests can be performed at a wide array of medical facilities beyond the hospital. There are imaging tests that are a wise investment. 

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-rays are one of the first investments you should make because it's the most frequently used imaging test and can diagnose a wide range of conditions. Mobile x-rays are often available in hospitals, but they are important in urgent care settings. The ability to use X-rays in urgent care will allow better diagnosis of fractures without having to send a patient to a hospital only to find out there is no fracture and the problem could be safely managed in urgent care. Although X-rays are most often used to diagnose fractures, they can be helpful to diagnose some pulmonary problems. For example, pneumonia or sclerosis can be seen on an X-ray. For orthopedic doctors, having X-rays available at your facility can make the process of evaluation seamless for patients. When the X-ray is onsite, some doctors simply have their patients perform the X-ray shortly before their appointment. Due to the range of conditions diagnosed with X-rays, it is one of the better investments for many medical facilities.


Ultrasound machines are small and portable, making them ideal to have onsite. The functionality of the ultrasound machine will depend on whether the machine produces 2D or 3D images and the transducer used. A linear transducer can be used to examine the vascular system to identify blockages, especially in the large blood vessels of the groin or neck. Convex transducers are often used to examine the abdomen and look for issues like free fluid in the abdominal cavity that can be caused by bleeding or ascites. Pencil transducers are specially made to study blood flow. Some podiatrists have an ultrasound machine readily available to determine if patients have adequate blood flow to their feet. Insufficient blood flow to the feet can be the cause of podiatric issues. An endocavitary transducer is ideal for OBGYN or urology facilities. This transducer can be used to diagnose gynecological conditions or as a method of evaluating the prostate for signs of enlargement.

Imaging tests are often necessary to diagnose or rule out various medical conditions. Sometimes acquiring those tests places an unnecessary burden on patients and there may be a lengthy wait for an appointment. Having onsite imaging tests available at more medical facilities can lead to faster diagnoses and less inconvenience for patients.

To learn more, reach out to a healthcare provider that offers onsite X-ray scan services.